Sudha Goplakrishnan,
AVP, Process & Strategy Consulting at Deutsche Bank Group

I had the chance to attend Shubha's Stock Selection workshop in Bangalore and the experience was highly enriching. Shubha's knowledge of the field and subject along with her style of delivery peppered with live examples and analysis helped us grasp the subject well. It led to engaging conversations about sectors, industries, companies making the participants aware of what to look for while investing in stocks. It was an eye opener for novices like me who have been very wary about investing in stocks. I would highly recommend this workshop for people who has some interest or inclination in investing in the stock markets. Wish Shubha and her venture Moneyshiksha all the success.

Sundara Nagarajan


Sundara Nagarajan,IT Product R&D Executive and Technologist in System Software
I participated in the stock selection workshop held on 11th and 12th January 2014, as a student. I wish I had attended this class 35 years ago, when I had started earning, so that I could have stopped working for money long ago. Shubha and her team did an outstanding job of explaining the concepts and illustrating the practical aspects for a "non-finance" person like me. She also facilitated good interaction among participants helping them learn from each other. Her approach to building a community of MoneyShiksha learners is a very good way of building long term relationship and value together. I wish Shubha great success in leading her venture to be a value stock. Good luck!

Raghu Dwarakanath,Senior Director of Engineering at Juniper Networks Inc
It’s a pleasure to recommend Mrs. Shubha Ganesh and Money Shiksha. I had the opportunity to attend both the mutual funds workshop and the stock selection workshop, conducted by her. The workshops were very informative and extremely useful to me. She is a knowledgeable and an experienced person. She was able to provide the value that I was looking to gain from these workshops. I gladly recommend these workshops to others.


Prashanth Nagaraj,Engineering Manager at Tesco HSC
Good to attend the sessions from money shiksha even if you are already investing. It gives a different perspective of looking at stock, you can use the learnings immediately.

Rajan Chirayath,Participant, Right mutual fund higher returns workshop
Hello Shubha,
The Mutual Fund workshop was very useful and informative, even for someone who knows about the Mutual Funds. Many thanks for running such a useful and informative workshop.


Anand Hariharan, Consultant
I have attended her sessions twice (in total for about 20 hours of classroom training) and in both cases I was literally hooked on to everything she said. She's simply the best in educating a retail investor. She is a grandmaster in analyzing businesses and she has a very easy going but highly effective way of communicating the intricacies of business / stock analysis. Such clarity and deep expertise combined with her approachable persona is what makes her so effective as an investment advisor and trainer. You can never get such insights by reading books or even by doing live business consulting projects. This is a whole new perspective of business. Your ROI would be tremendous for every minute you invest in Shubha's training sessions.