Our workshops can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your life long journey of wealth creation!

 Which workshop should I choose?

You can choose workshop based on your prior knowledge level. If you are completely new to the subject choose our basic workshops which walks you through in simple and easy steps without too much jargon or complicated concepts.

What is the workshop schedule?

  • Our workshops are divided into 90 minute lessons followed by a break.
  • Class size is kept small to give proper attention to all participants.
  • To achieve best results, we suggest you to take higher level workshop with a small gap so as to consolidate your learning from earlier sessions.
  • Group research work have a preset schedule.

The workshop are highly focused - they prepare you to take decisions independently

How much does the course cost?

The cost level per workshop depends on the level of workshop and the length of the course. Course fee inclusive of lessons, materials and refreshments.

Please see course schedules and description for specific course fees.

Who will teach my class?

Our teaching staff consists of highly qualified and experienced lecturers and the classes are conducted in English only.Please see our teachers' profiles for more details.

Do I need to buy any study materials?

No, all the materials needed for the workshop are included in the workshop package, and in the price of the course.