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Our workshops inspire you to take charge and teach you practical skills for real life finances. From specialized workshops for professionals to basic workshops to understand finance concepts we offer a range of workshops that challenge you to think differently.

We are pioneers in financial literacy in India. That means you'll learn from experts in their field who teach with practical orientation and will be there for any after class support. Our workshps provide practical teaching that gives you the confident to think, make difficult decisions and enhance your wealth.

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Two Day Advanced Funding and Finance Workshop for Start-Ups Half day  indepth sessions on:- Session 1 Term Sheets and Investor Agreements Session 2 How to make  Business Plans Session 1 Compliance for LLPs and Companies Session 2 Understanding Balance Sheets and Ratios
Funding and Finance Bootcamp for Start-Ups
Rs. 2000/-
Today all entrepreneurs have to be aware of commercial aspects of the business even though they are not directly involved in the financial side of the business. They have to take decisions for their organisations that will have far reaching impact on the profitability and wealth generating capacity of the business. As finance is the […]
Right Mutual Fund-Higher Returns
Rs. 3500
Mutual funds are one of the best investment options for retail investors. But choosing the right one is a real challenge. Right Mutual Fund Higher Returns Workshop will help you find out how to select mutual funds for your portfolio and help you gain in-depth knowledge of how to manage your mutual fund investments.
Understanding Personal Taxes and Tax Planning
Rs. 3500
Understanding Personal Taxes and Tax Planning course is must for all people who want to file tax returns themselves. The workshop will cover important sections of Income Tax Act applicable to individuals, Taught in as easy to understand method and tools it will explain tax impact on investment instruments to plan your taxes effectively. You will […]
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Roopa Doraswamy
International Lawyer
S C Sharada
Co-Founder of Lex Valorem
Ketoki Basu
Founder, FinEx Solutions
Anjana Vivek
Founder-Director, VentureBean Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Shubha Ganesh
Founder, Moneyshiksha